Chris Webb - Feng shui for Love

Working with Chris is such a treat, she is truly gifted, and creates results! We worked on balancing my space with an extra focus on romantic relationships, and within days off implementing Chris advice, I felt better in my space more at home, and had men showing up in my life, doing crazy things like offering to help me at the gas station, ‘randomly’ buying me coffee. I even went on a couple of dates. I had no idea what a profound effect it would have on my space and my life!

– Mandi M

Chris Webb - Fengshuifor love ad

Feng Shui for Love & Relationships Package

Save, Enhance, Revamp, Empower your Marriage or Relationship!

Contact Christine for a 15 min Consult to create a plan and a price! All of these situations are so unique. Who will be involved, where the relationship is at, how long the commitment has been, if there are children, if there is a shared residence. You see my point. These are her specialty!

Chris Webb - fengshui for companions

Feng Shui for Creating Companionship

AKA Feng Shui for the single Guy/Girl!

So much magic happens when this package is purchased! Imagine opening yourself up to love through moving through the energetics of your environment. Though you’ve tried everything? Think again! Contact Christine for a 15 min Consult to create a plan and a price!

Contact Christine! Feng Shui for Love is her Specialty ….