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Christine Webb - FENG SHUI HOME

Feng Shui Home

A core principle of Feng Shui is that EVERYTHING that surrounds you is alive, connected, and always transforming. Not just the obvious living things like humans, animals and plants, but everything – furniture, TV, knickknacks, clothing, books, exercise equipment, the works! As your Feng Shui consultant, I can help you to see your home or workplace with new eyes, and to arrange your surroundings in a way that enhances your health, happiness, and prosperity. You will be left with a list of things to do to greatly enhance the energy flow in your home. Contact Christine!

Christine Webb - FENG SHUI BIZ

Feng Shui Business

A business is your expression to the world. It is your essence in action. On the inside, there should be clear, clean connections in the space.  When the business is closed in or has too many partitions breaking up the space, the energy flow stagnates and it is difficult for energy to flow and create abundance.  If it is too open, especially directly across from the entrance, or if there are windows at the back with an expansive view, it does not retain energy and does not retain business. All of these can be fixed and corrected for optimal energy flow. On the outside having the energy fixed manifests as a good flow of traffic, and the business being easily accessible. Chris will instruct you where to clear clutter, add, take away and enhance for optimal business flow. Contact Christine!

Christine Webb - CLUTTER CLEAR

Clutter Clear

(plus tips and hints for organizing)

Are you asking yourself where to start? We understand. Chris will spend 2 hours helping you sort, purge, and clearing stagnant energy from your space. Included in this offering is a list of tips and hints to get and stay organized. This is the perfect starting point if you don’t know where to begin. Contact Christine!