Meet Christine Webb

Christine has a divine power to create spaces that work and inspire. Christine lives in Calgary, is married to her true love Greg and has two beautiful children that have grown up before her eyes. Chris has a mad passion for Feng Shui and creating spaces that emerge energy, inspire greatness and provoke love and comfort.  Christine is a Registered Massage Therapist, Feng Shui Consultant and “Art of Feminine Presence” facilitator. She is intuitive, guided, friendly and specializes in using her gift for Feng Shui to ignite current relationships and create lasting love.


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EMERGE! Feng Shui for Love & Creating Companionship

Whether you are single and seeking romance or already in a relationship you wish to ignite, the first step is creating a space that is ripe for both romance and relaxation. In the example of a bedroom, tricks of the trade may include minimizing books, electronics (including the TV), exercise equipment ( yes, the thing you hang your clothes from) or anything that reminds you of work in your bedroom. Chris will instruct you where to clear clutter, add, take away and enhance for amazing relationship transformation. Check out these Packages….